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Friday, October 23, 2009

Jobs Everywhere


We do not vouch for the authenticity of the employers or the jobs published. Candidates are requested to check and make their own assessment before applying. We cannot provide more details than that are published about the jobs or the employers.

We are not recruiters or placement agency. We are only publishers.We cannot help individuals in getting employment. We do not maintain any DATA-BASE of the candidates.We do not have the time or the resources to attend to individual requests. 

We sincerely apologize for not being of more help to the job seekers.

Hot Jobs 
Corporates Hiring Globally  
(Updated on 17th November 2012)  

Give wings to your Aspirations at Boeing

Jobs in USA at Boeing 
(updated on 2012-11-17)

(Updated 2012- 11-03)
Government & Public Sector Jobs

IT jobs in India View Here 
(updated on 14th November 2012)

 e1 International Job Fair  Oct. 22nd to 28th 2012 for Global Jobs View HERE

Development jobs Career Fair Brussels Belgium 15th 
October 2012 View Here

Virtual career Fair in Singapore for PhD Candidates interested in Research. View Here

Post Doctoral jobs at Universities Globally
(Updated on 2012-10-09)

Global jobs at Universities 10-09

Global jobs at US AID

Jobs in Canada posted on 27th October 2012

(Global jobs based Everywhere)

Jobs in UAE posted on 10th October 2012

Jobs in India posted on 05th October 2012

You should not mail your resume, CV to me.I cannot do anything to an individual CV. You should not ask me to view your profile, I cannot do it. You should not ask me to find jobs, all the jobs I access are posted by me, I am not the recruiter and as such have no influence on the process. 

Happy hunting,


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